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¥6000 ($40.79 USD)
  • TOM-6B
  • Famicom release date
    November 1, 1991
    NES release date
    North America
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    Monopoly is a strategy-based board game video game developed by Sculpted Software and published by Takara Tomy. It was released on the Family Computer on November 1, 1991, and was also published by Parker Brothers on the Nintendo Entertainment System sometime that year.


    The gameplay of Monopoly follows that of the real-life board game. Players roll the dice and move around a board with forty spaces on it. If a player lands on an unowned property, they may choose to purchase it as the price marked or put it up for auction, in which case all players bet on how much they want the property for, and the highest bidder wins and gets to keep the property. If a player lands on a property someone else owns, they have to pay them the amount of rent shown on the property's deed. If a player owns all of a colored group of properties (a monopoly), they are able to purchase houses and hotels for any of those, which increases the rent owed.

    If a player passes the GO space, they earn $200, and if they land on they land on the Go To Jail space, they automatically get sent to the Jail space. Players can leave jail by rolling two of the same number on the dice, or after three turns, pay a $50 bail. Players can also land on Community Chest and Chance spaces, which make random events happen, such as moving your character to a specific space or earning a small amount of money. The game ends when all but one player runs out of money.

    Other Ports

    Monopoly has received a port to nearly every major home console since 1985. Tomy would go on to publish 2 more Monopoly games for the Super Famicom: Monopoly and The Monopoly Game 2.