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Alternate name(s)
BPS Tetris, Famicom Tetris
¥4900 ($31.36 USD)
  • BPS-T0
  • Famicom release date
    December 22, 1988
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    This article is about the Famicom version. For the NES version by Nintendo, see Tetris (Nintendo, NES). For other versions, see Tetris.
    Tetris (テトリス) is a falling block puzzle game developed and published by Bullet Proof Software, and released for the Family Computer on December 22, 1988 in Japan. It is a port of the Japanese home computer versions also developed by Bullet Proof Software. A different version of Tetris would release for the Nintendo Entertainment System outside of Japan published by Nintendo. This version would eventually be re-released outside of Japan by AtGames in 2018.


    Screenshot of a typical Tetris game board.

    Players manipulate tetrominoes as they fall down the well. They can move and rotate the pieces until they land on the bottom or on a previously placed piece. The objective is to clear a series of stages. There are 6 rounds with 10 stages each. The goal on each stage is to clear 25 lines to advance to the next stage. When the 10th stage is cleared the player advances to the next round. The player has three lives, and you lose a life when topping out. The game ends when all three lives are lost.


    The Famicom version of Tetris is not as well liked compared to it's official NES counterpart. This is largely due to the unconventional control scheme which was a result of translating keyboard controls to a controller without much adaptation.[Source?]


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