AV Specification Family Computer

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AV Specification Family Computer
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¥7000 ($44.8 USD)
  • HVC-101
  • Units sold
    19.38 million*
    Release dates
    December 1, 1993
    Discontinuation dates
    September 25, 2003
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    The AV Specification Family Computer (AV仕様ファミリーコンピュータ), or simply AV Famicom (ニューファミコン), officially referred to as New Famicom (ニューファミコン), is a cost-reduced redesign of the Family Computer video game console released by Nintendo on December 1, 1993 in Japan. The console replaces the RF port with the multiout port previously used on the Super Famicom. The controllers are no longer hard-wired to the console and use the same ports found on the Nintendo Entertainment System. A similar redesigned console would release outside of Japan as the New-Style NES on October 15, 1993 in North America. Nintendo would continue manufacturing the revised Famicom console until September 2003.


    The design of the console was completely changed. The colors match the grey aesthetic of the NES rather than the red, white, and gold of the original Famicom. The controllers are no longer hard-wired to the console, and came bundled with two new dog-bone styled controllers which use the same ports found on the NES. The revised console also removed several features including the eject lever and the microphone found on controller 2.

    Expansion audio

    The audio-mixing in the revised Famicom differs compared to the original Famicom which is noticeable in software that utilizes expansion audio. The revised Famicom outputs expansion audio that is too loud compared to the standard audio generated from the console. A modification to the revised console is required in order to match the audio-mixing found on original Famicom consoles.