Family Computer Cassette

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For the list of Family Computer cartridge variations, see Family Computer cartridge variations.

The cartridge for Donkey Kong for the Family Computer. The standard Famicom cartridge closely resembles an audio cassette tape and is nearly the same size as one.
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The Family Computer Cassette is a 60-pin cartridge format for the Family Computer. Famicom cartridges came in different colors and sizes. The back label of most cartridges denote instructions on handing the cartridge. When the Famicom Family branding was created in 1988, most Famicom cartridges afterwards included the logo on the bottom right of the back label.

The Nintendo Entertainment System Game Pak uses a different 72-pin cartridge format for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The NES Game Pak notably includes a lock-out chip designed to prevent unlicensed games from running on NES consoles.