Bomber Man

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Bomber Man
Box art
¥4900 ($31.36 USD)
  • HVC-BM (Famicom)
  • Famicom release date
    December 20, 1985
    Famicom Disk System release date
    April 2, 1990
    NES release date
    North America
    October 1989
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    Bomber Man (ボンバーマン) is a maze game developed and published by Hudson Soft. It released for the Family Computer on December 20, 1985 in Japan, and would later release as Bomberman for the Nintendo Entertainment System in October 1989 in North America. It would later get a release for the Family Computer Disk System on April 2, 1990.

    Urban legend

    In 2011 on a Japanese blogging website, Hisakazu Hirabayashi programmer of the Famicom port of Bomber Man claimed to have programmed the game in 72 hours, and claimed to have not gotten any sleep during this period of development.

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