List of Classic Tetris World Championships promotional cartridges

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This is a list of promotional Nintendo Entertainment System cartridges made for various Classic Tetris World Championships events. The cartridges mainly contain the Nintendo NES version of Tetris.

The below list is incomplete, you can help by expanding it.

Cartridge Name Description Image
Tetris World Championship 2013 The cartridge PCB contains the retail game. Tetris World Championship 2013 NES Unlicensed Cartridge.png
unnamed CTWC 2014 Placeholder.png
unnamed CTWC 2017 Placeholder.png
CTWC: The Archives 2018 40 cartridges were given to the top 40 in CTWC 2018. File:CTWC The Archives 2018 NES Unlicensed Cartridge.png
unnamed CTWC 2022 Placeholder.png
CTWC 2023: Gold Level Supporter 10 cartridges were sold at CTWC 2023. The cartridges are just shells with no PCB. CTWC 2023 Gold Level Supporter NES Unlicensed Cartridge.png