Nessy The NES Robot

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Nessy the NES Robot
Box art

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Alternate name(s)
Nessy The ... Robot
  • Daniel T. Gaming
  • Nessy The NES Robot is a platform game published by Daniel T. Gaming. It released for 8-bit Nintendo compatible consoles May 11, 2020. The game would later release on Nintendo Switch and Steam under the name Nessy The ... Robot on December 7, 2023.


    The player takes the role of Nessy, with the goal of saving Pixel Park from destruction. There are seven courses in the game. Nessy has four hit points (with infinite lives). Nessy can punch enemies, which acts like a short range projectile. He takes damage upon contact with enemies. At the end of every course is a boss fight, which can only be defeated by use of the aforementioned short range punches.