Nuts & Milk

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Nuts & Milk
Box art

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¥4500 ($28.8 USD)
  • HFC-NM
  • Famicom release date
    July 20, 1984
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    Nuts & Milk (ナッツ&ミルク) is a puzzle/platformer game developed and published by Hudson Soft, released for the Family Computer on July 20th, 1984. It is the first Famicom game published by Hudson, and one of the first Famicom games published by any third party releasing on the same day as Lode Runner. It is a port of an MSX game of the same game released the year before. It is also the first Famicom game to include a level editor.

    Version Differences

    Nuts & Milk is graphically enhanced compared to it's computer counterparts. The Famicom version also plays from a side view usually used by platformers, while the computer versions play from a bird's eye view. The Famicom version also features platforming challenges that are not present in the original computer versions.