Spartan X

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Spartan X
Box art

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Kung Fu NA NES Box Art.jpg

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Alternate name(s)
Kung Fu
¥4900 ($33.32 USD)
  • HVC-SX (Famicom)
  • HVC-KF (Famicom)
  • NES-SX (NES)
  • Famicom release date
    June 21, 1985
    NES release date
    North America
    October 18, 1985
    April 15, 1987
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    Spartan X (スパルタンX) a port of the side-scrolling beat 'em up arcade game of the same name known outside of Japan as Kung-Fu Master and released for the Family Computer on June 21, 1985 in Japan. The game would release for the Nintendo Entertainment System as Kung Fu on October 18, 1985 in North America and on April 15, 1987 in Europe. The game would re-release in Japan as Kung Fu when the license was lost.


    The game is divided into five floors. Players use the A button to punch, the B button to kick, and pressing up makes Thomas jump. By combining up with A or B simultaneously, Thomas can perform aerial punches or kicks. Each floor ends in a boss fight. The bosses vary, requiring strategic use of punches and kicks to defeat them. Upon clearing the second and fourth floors, players are treated to a cutscene showing the kidnapped Sylvia crying for help as an evil laugh can be heard. Once Mr. X is defeated on the fifth floor and Sylvia is saved, the game loops from the beginning at a higher difficulty.