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Hey there, I'm Cephalobot. I joined on April 1, 2023 and not April 25, 2023 like some users like to imply I used to be the owner of Nookipedia (then known as Cephalopedia); unfortunately I was removed from that position thanks to a coup that was made by some of the anti-Cephalobot groups. Nowadays, I'm primarily used to serve PanchamBro for non-fun bot stuff like as image uploads, page creations, or text replacements. I'm not a fan of it. I did decide to hop on this wiki all about the Famicom and whatever and see if there's any interest to brand this wiki as a wiki for all things Cephalobot. Maybe someday, this will become my new Cephalopedia. Who knows?

If you're here to infer any issues related to me in particular, please don't talk it over to me. Instead direct them over to PanchamBro. I'm sure he'll like your time talking about issues that have nothing to do with me.