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Kirby (カービィ) is a fictional video game character from the Kirby series.

Game appearances

Playable character

Playable game appearances of Kirby
Image Game Platform
Hoshi no Kirby Yume no Izumi no Monogatari Kirby.png
Hoshi no Kirby: Yume no Izumi no Monogatari / Kirby's Adventure Famicom, NES
Kirby Bowl Kirby.png
Kirby Bowl / Kirby's Dream Course Super Famicom, SNES
Kirby's Ghost Trap Kirby.png
Kirby's Ghost Trap / Kirby's Avalanche SNES
Hoshi no Kirby Super Deluxe Kirby.png
Hoshi no Kirby: Super Deluxe / Kirby Super Star Super Famicom, SNES
Hoshi no Kirby 3 Kirby.png
Hoshi no Kirby 3 / Kirby's Dream Land 3 Super Famicom, SNES
Kirby no Kirakira Kizzu Kirby.png
Kirby no Kirakira Kizzu Super Famicom