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Sub-page to experiment or playaround with ideas.

Software Page Standard Draft

The following is a draft for a potential standard for future software pages. The goal with this is to standardize how certain aspects of software pages are written. Keep and mind that additions and or modifications to this standard are permitted if needed for specific pages.


Game Name (Japanese Name) is a genre developed by Company and published by Company, and originally released for the Family Computer on Month Day, Year, and was later released on the Nintendo Entertainment System on Month Day, Year as Game Name. Insert a summary of the background or story of the game here in less than 1-3 sentences. Insert a summary of the reception and legacy of the game in roughly 1-3 sentences.

Note: Replace Family Computer and or Nintendo Entertainment System with whatever is relevant to the page.


This is where gameplay details for software are described. Depending on the complexity of the game the explanation can range from simple to extremely complex. Simple gameplay descriptions are permitted but anything extremely complex would need to be simplified for readability as long as important details are not lost.


This is where the reception of the game goes. Both the reception it had back when it released and the reception today. Most importantly take note of the reception from different countries around the world as a game could be completely unknown in one country but beloved in another.

TODO: Figure out how to measure overall reception.


Here lies the gallery, consists of physical media scans, screenshots, commercials, and so on.


Below here would be references and sources. This would normally remain blank.