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April 7, 2002
USA, Arizona
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Hello there! My name is Brenden but you can call me Bro. I am a 22 year old video game player and have a passion in researching video games, mostly from the 80s and 90s.

About Me

I was born on April 7, 2002, growing up I had trouble connecting with other kids and would later be diagnosed with ADHD. It wouldn't be until one day my dad got out his old NES for me to play. I had already been watching Mario videos on YouTube at this point but playing Super Mario Bros. on original hardware is what got me into retro gaming. Later I grew an interest in learning about these old games, especially from YouTube creator Gaming Historian. In 2015 I started seriously collecting video games and also begun exploring areas that a good amount of folks in America don't know a whole lot about, which led me to a rabbit hole of importing video games that I have yet to recover from.

Console Paradox

One of the main reasons why I founded FamiWiki was to clear up a long misconception about the Famicom being a simple regional variant of the NES. For the past 3 decades the Famicom has largely been seen as the "Japanese NES". I've noticed that this mainly came from folks who had a flawed understanding with Japanese gaming in general but also the lack of standard definitions that resulted in this mess such as console and platform being mixed up. I attempted to get the Famicom and NES separated on several wikis most notably Wikipedia, but due to how deep rooted these misconceptions were I failed to create change. FamiWiki has taken steps to properly document and organize both the console and software releases for the Family Computer, Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Famicom, and Super Nintendo Entertainment System. As of May 2023, FamiWiki is one of the only English wikis to have separated the Famicom and NES (and by proxy the Super Famicom and SNES) with many other wikis currently having everything under NES (and SNES). I will keep fighting for this change elsewhere and hopefully with the existence of FamiWiki that makes arguing for the separation much easier.

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