FamiWiki:Thank You!

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It's been over a week since FamiWiki went online and since then, 154 articles have been created and almost 1,000 edits have been made. I originally didn't have anything planned for April Fools on FamiWiki. So instead of playing a prank on all of you, I want to take this time and thank the users who've made this wiki possible.


Thank you PanchamBro for helping kickstart this wiki and helping with backend troubleshooting.
Thank you Ampera for hosting FamiWiki and proposing the project to the members of The OpenWiki Project.
and thank you to Aux, Randomcat2000, and everyone else on Discord for contributing to FamiWiki.

The Future of FamiWiki

As of writing this, FamiWiki currently hosts 93 Famicom software articles and if our current pace continues, then we will have every released Famicom software on FamiWiki by June or July of this year. We still have a long way to go until we fully document the Famicom library but our future is looking bright. I look forward to continuing to help grow this wiki further with everyone else.

~ Bro3256