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Used to make infoboxes for games. Copy and paste the following into a game page and fill out as needed.

| game = the name of the game
| image = boxart of the game - use the format [[File:Game Name Region Box Art.filetype|300px]]
| japanese-name = the kana and kanji of the game's Japanese name, if applicable
| developer = the developing company
| publisher = the publishing company
| cartridge-code = the alphanumeric code on the cartridge
| mapper = the mapper used for the game
| yen = the original price of the game in yen
| usd = use this parameter only if the game did not release in japan
| famicom-date = the date the game released for the famicom
| barcode-jan = the barcode of the game
| wikipedia = the page name on English Wikipedia, if applicable
| jpwikipedia = the page name on Japanese Wikipedia, if applicable

You may substitute the famicom-date parameter for the following:

nes-x-date usa eur scn brz aus hkg twn
snes-x-date usa eur uk rus chi aus brz