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¥4500 ($28.8 USD)
  • NWM-4500
  • Famicom release date
    July 12, 1985

    Warpman (ワープマン) is a shooter video game developed and published by Namcot, released for the Family Computer on July 12th, 1985. It is an enhanced version of the 1981 arcade game Warp & Warp, which also saw ports to the MSX and Sord M5.


    Warpman is split between 2 parts, the Space World and the Maze world. The space world plays as a top down shooter, while the maze world plays like Bomber Man, with the player strategically placing bombs to take out enemies. In both worlds, a powerup can appear giving benefits for and enabling a warp to the other world. Powerups last one level, with each level containing a certain amount of enemies to kill. Once all enemies in a level are killed, the game moves to the next one.

    Enemies spawn from the corner of the stage. As they move towards the center, they're colour changes and they become worth more points. Killing 3 of the same enemy of the same colour in a row spawns a bonus enemy. These bonus enemies are worth more points based on the value of enemies killed. Sometimes these bonus enemies carry a letter, gathering all these letters to spell "EXTRA" grants an extra life.

    TODO: add enemy table


    Warpman appears on many Famiclones and due to its small rom size.